Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Doing it Right

Last night after youth group two students got in a car accident on the way home. Youth ministry is kind of weird. We are dealing with minors, but most likely we don't check them in and out of our programs. Even if we do there is a sense of independence, they find there own rides home, or they drive, and for the younger ones parents will pick them up.
Waiting until everyone leaves to go home and making sure everything is ok once they leave may seem tough, boring, and unnecessary. Last night all of that changed. We had one student that kinda disappeared. In the end she was found and everything turned out ok, but what if I had gone home when I could have instead of when I should have? The student may not have been found and when the accident happened I would have already been in bead.
Staying late is hard on me and sometimes my family. Being on the scene of an accident two of my students were involved in was invaluable. They were ok, other than being shaken up, and in the end everything will turn out for the better. The relationship bonds that took place last night between me, my leaders, and the students can not be replaced.
Taking short cuts might get you to bed earlier, but it will hurt your ministry in the long run.