Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Growing The Church

What do you do with kids who are coming to your ministry programs, but do not go to church anywhere on Sunday?

This can be a difficult question. In the past I had been happy with the fact that they were attending one of my programs. I thought that was my job. Over the past few years I have become less satisfied with that. There are several reasons:
  • Students that do not become involved in the church on a deeper level usually are the ones who leave the church completely once they leave high school.
  • Students who have parents that are committed to Christ are more likely to continue there own commitment.
  • One student may give us an opportunity to minister to an entire family.
  • God is a jealous God, and we should be jealous as well. God wants all to be saved not just students.
Getting this done may require creativity and more work, but it seems irresponsible to ignore this opportunity. Working with other staff or having different kinds of events that include the whole family are a couple of ideas to accomplish this.

Grow the kingdom and your own church at the same time.

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